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Have you considered sheet vinyl flooring?

Does the idea of sheet vinyl flooring give you flashbacks to the flooring of your childhood? If it does, you are not alone. Many homeowners see this as a dated flooring option, not realizing the wealth of benefits it holds for so many spaces throughout your home.

If you've never given any time to researching this product line, this might be the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. There's much to know. You might find this to be an ideal option that matches many of your preferences and requirements in flooring.

What you can expect from vinyl flooring

These floors offer attractive visual options for the perfect décor match in any room of your home. Choose from the wood look, stone look, and various designs and styles that work to meet your visual needs with ease. Some homeowners prefer the wall to wall look, utilizing the same appearance throughout the entire home, while others like to change things up from room to room, and the choice is yours.

One of the things you might like most about this material, especially if you have children or pets, is the fact that, in an average-sized room, you will have no seams at all. Not only does this provide an uninterrupted design with outstanding realism, but it means you won't have to worry about water damage. As long as spills do not reach the edges of this material, they are virtually waterproof.

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The vinyl flooring installation process requires experienced precision, requiring exact measurements, special tools, and more, for a perfect circle. You'll be thrilled with the results, as a professional installation team makes your floors look stunning, even in large spaces. We will discuss the entire process, from start to finish, and keep you up to date as we near completion, so be sure to ask any questions whenever you're ready.

When you visit Ellenz of Tipton at our Tipton, Kansas showroom, you'll find that we offer more than just an extensive selection of amazing floor coverings. We also specialize in customer service, thanks to a well-trained staff of associates who have the experience to answer all your questions and match you with the perfect flooring materials. We serve the residents of Tipton, KS, Beloit, KS,Osborne, KS, Downs, KS, Lincoln, KS, Sylvan, KS, Salina KS, and Hays KS and invite you to visit us in person when you're in the area. We'll match you with the best vinyl flooring for your needs.