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What you should know about paint

Even homeowners inexperienced in the actual job of painting are likely to know when they need a fresh coat of paint. However, from start to finish, there are many aspects of the process that might be unknown to the majority. We have a few facts to share about the process that might serve you well as you endeavor towards new paint for your home, no matter how large or small your project. Let's find out more right now.

Interior paint and so much more

Some specific bits of information can prove very handy when you're seeking out the best interior paint colors. For instance, knowing the difference between matte and other finishes is important. Mattes work well at blending imperfections since there is no light reflection, and they create an elegance that is hard to rival, even though this is not a washable finish.

If the ability to clean your walls or other painted surfaces is essential, a satin finish can help. This is an excellent option for windows and doors as well, providing more gloss than a matte finish, with the ability to be cleaned or even scrubbed lightly. The velvety finish embodies a smooth appeal that's perfect for a variety of spaces.



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High gloss paint reflects light well and looks very much like plastic. This isn't a product that is often chosen for interior walls, but it is a trendy option for cabinets and trim that can offer the dramatic appearance that works best with your décor. However, you should note that if there are surface imperfections, this finish will bring them out, so extensive and meticulous preparation is essential.

Remember that cleaning and shininess go hand in hand. The higher gloss the finish, the better the paint will be to stand up to extensive cleaning. You'll pay more for the option, but it can be necessary, especially if you have children.

For the very best options, Ellenz of Tipton provides a wealth of Cabot stain and Valspar paint colors perfect for various tasks. If you are from the communities of Tipton, KS, Beloit, KS, Osborne, KS, Downs, KS, Lincoln, KS, Sylvan, KS, Salina KS, or Hays KS, you can visit our Tipton, Kansas showroom for a perfect match, no matter which rooms you need painted. What's more, we have a network of experienced, trustworthy painters that we can recommend if you need further assistance after purchasing your paint. Be sure to visit us to get your project started right away.