Hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to any space, and homeowners often prefer that appearance over many others. But is there a difference between the real thing and the wood-look option?

There are some significant differences between the two. But the ones that best serve your needs are always the best choice.

Wood-look flooring at its best

When you simply can’t or don’t want to budget for solid hardwood flooring, the wood-look flooring option is a great alternative, especially in spaces where solid materials cannot be installed in the first place.

For instance, tile flooring is a perfect addition to your basement and laundry areas, where dampness and moisture are regular. But it can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms, where they are often paired with matching countertops and backsplashes for beautiful, finished décor.

Laminate flooring is another wood-look product that adds class and style to bedrooms, living rooms, and studies without a considerable budget and lengthy maintenance requirements. It's also a preferred material for those who know they will be replacing their flooring sooner than later. When you're ready to see these materials for yourself, be sure to visit our showroom at your convenience.

You’ll find outstanding hardwood flooring and options right here

Ellenz of Tipton is an excellent place for your flooring needs, with plenty of materials and all the services perfectly matched to each one. What's more, our associates are trained and specialize in matching you with all your most important options, no matter the size of your project.

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