Nylon is considered one of the most popular fibers, as is polyester, on the market today. Nylon can be suitable for one type of room in your house, and polyester is ideal for another room. At Ellenz of Tipton, we can help you with carpeting that is right for your home. You can find numerous brands of nylon and polyester at our showroom in Tipton, KS. You'll find that each fiber has an appealing characteristic.


Nylon is a strong fiber that is very durable. After installation, it will retain its shape for years. So if you have heavy furniture or electronics in the room, don't worry; it'll spring back into shape after you move them. In the factory, nylon is treated with a chemical to make it stain-resistant. It is also resistant to fading so that it can go in sunlit areas in your home. It goes well in hallways, dining rooms, and living rooms where there is a lot of traffic.


Polyester is a fiber that is very bright and vibrant. This contrasts with the dull matte colors of nylon, which come in grays, browns, and tans. Polyester is inherently stain-resistant, but it isn't as durable as nylon. It’s better for lower traffic areas, like bedrooms. The vibrant colors can be great for a child’s room or a teen’s room. The lively color can also go in the master bedroom. Polyester comes from plastic drinking bottles that have been recycled. It comes at a lower cost than nylon because of the production cost. This also makes it an eco-friendly choice.

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